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We have erred horribly with our eating habits so far. Unless we take stock of the situation and take matters into our own hands, things are not going to improve.

The first thing is awareness. We have to learn what foods are right for us and what are not. We have to go back to school (not literally, of course) and understand what the nutrients are that our body really wants and in what measure. Then we have to work up a dietary regimen for ourselves and our family so that we eat healthier. We must cut down on all the foods that are harmful – the carbohydrates, the fats, the sugars, we don’t really want them – and incorporate foods that can boost our health.

This does sound too preachy, I know. But that is the only respite we have got. If we keep munching on Oreos, we are never going to get better. 

But there’s hope. Hope lies in the fact that there are many foods out there that are just as tasty as those nasty junk foods but we don’t yet know about them. These are the foods that we don’t know about yet, we probably don’t care for them or because we don’t know how to prepare them, but a good health cookbook could help you in understanding various interesting ways to healthy cooking. Even with the same kind of diet you eat, you can conjure up some very delicious healthy dishes. Yes, it is all very much possible. You can modify your eating habits to a large extent, while at the same time taking care of your palate.

The fact is that the weight loss industry is responsible in a very significant way toward this downfall of the developed human race. They need to keep selling their Atkinses and Jenny Craigs and Zones and Medifasts and for that reason the media never tells you how we can actually take things in your own hands. They show us glitzy before-after pictures of a guy with a foot-long pannus and then the same guy with six pack abs and tell us that the diet made that possible.

But the fact is, if we were to take things in our own hands, we could very easily do that too, without needing to spend thousands of dollars on getting those diets. And what do we have to do? Two basic things:-

Control what we eat.

Indulge in physical exercise.

Now, is that too much to do? Don’t we owe that to our body that has served us so well all these years? Don’t we owe that to ourselves and our families?

Throughout this article we are going to see how we can eat right and generally modify our diet in order to improve our lives. And that we can do in a very significant manner.

What Is an Ideal Diet?

Actually speaking, no one can put a finger on what an ideal diet exactly is. Now, if you were to ask someone what a healthy diet is, that could be easily answered. But to know about an ideal diet, you need to see the individual itself. Ideal diets are much related to the kind of lifestyle the person leads, their age, their gender, their level of physical activity during the day and even their geographical region and climate. 

The first thing that must be answered here is the level of calories that any person must take. This, of course, varies from person to person, mainly depending on their level of physical activity. The following chart shows different kinds of people, characterized by various things, and the amount of calories that they need during the day, which would constitute an ideal diet for them.

Ideal diet depends from person to person, but there are some similarities that apply to every person:-

The diet should have enough carbohydrates, but not an excess of it. Excess of carbohydrates can cause buildup of glucose in the body.

Foods fried in oil must be minimally used. There should be just one serving of a fried food per day, if at all.

Green veggies must be a part of the meal. The general rule is that foods with better colors are more nutritious, though there are some exceptions both ways. i.e., There are foods with no colors that are nutritious (example, cabbage) and foods with colors that aren’t (there’s a whole long list of them).

Lean meats should be preferred. It is very harmful to have a meal that is laden with non-vegetarian foods but isn’t balanced with vegetables.

Cooking should be just enough and must retain the natural flavors of the foods. Though spices make the foods taste better, they also destroy some nutrients and hence they should be used stingily.

Synthetic materials should be completely avoided.

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