Friday, April 2, 2021

Easy marketing analytics tool


An easy marketing analytics tool

Oribi provides simple, easy-to-use dashboards with website statistics. Users can track goals and know site activity. Oribi boasts simplicity for users

It is a very versatile tool to obtain information and data from web pages, obtaining a versatile and flexible analysis to handle. It has ease of use since it allows you to visualize the data, which allows access to them in a more accessible and easy to manage.

Very easy to navigate and understand the information that it provides to allow you to make adjustments to advertising strategies

This system takes the most important aspects of website Analytics and makes it into an easily viewable, discoverable, and digestible format for both webmasters and clients. It gives you all the data you need to make decisions about website optimization, measure conversions, see cross-channel attribution, and more. I also really like the pricing. It isn't limited to the number of sites and rather just a flat fee.

Beautiful dashboard for many clients. Gives a clear map for where we should focus our efforts each day.

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