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Stretch marks


Stretch marks

Stretch marks are regions of pores and skin where the deep epidermis, located among the epidermis and the hypodermis, has spontaneously torn. after they seem, they have got the form of streaks similar to scars in length, of purplish purple color, and are inflammatory. they lighten over the years to grow to be white and pearly, almost the equal coloration because the pores and skin. stretch marks are mainly determined at the stomach, breasts, fingers, buttocks, and thighs. very common, they are able to appear during pregnancy, at some point of a significant and surprising gain or loss of weight as well as during adolescence.

There are  types of stretch marks:

Stretch marks revealing a health trouble

Cushing's syndrome, due to too many corticosteroids in the body, reasons severe stretch marks. they are typically big, pink, vertical, and are discovered at the stomach, the roots of the thighs and hands, and the breasts. other signs and symptoms may be associated along with very skinny, very fragile skin liable to bruising, in addition to muscle wasting andWeak spot or weight advantage in the belly and face… these symptoms need to alert and lead to a consultation fast. cushing's syndrome is caused by extra hormones along with cortisol, the stress hormone usually produced in ok amounts with the aid of the adrenal glands. this cushing syndrome is most usually connected to the abuse of corticosteroid-type capsules. it could also appear in bizarre functioning of the adrenal glands which make too much cortisol.

Classic stretch marks

These stretch marks are thinner and extra discreet and do now not come with any particular fitness hassle. even though they haven't any effect on fitness, they're regularly considered ugly and motive considerable discomfort. no remedy could be capable of cause them to disappear completely.

Normal stretch marks additionally have, as a minimum in part, a hormonal origin. they can for that reason seem on the time of puberty or pregnancy, instances of severe hormonal adjustments.

At some stage in being pregnant, from the second oneTrimester, the quantity of cortisol, a hormone produced with the aid of the adrenal glands, increases and varies the suppleness and elasticity of the skin. the better the cortisol stage, the much less collagen is produced. seeing that collagen is accountable, in conjunction with the elastic fibers, for the suppleness of the skin, the latter turns into less elastic. consequently if the skin is stretched (weight advantage, pregnancy, puberty), stretch marks can shape

Sudden and massive weight benefit or loss also can be chargeable for theLook of stretch marks. weight gain may also have comfortable the skin even as weight loss might also have stretched it.

Excessive-stage athletes are quite often liable to stretch marks because their cortisol tiers are high.


Stretch marks are very commonplace: nearly eighty% of women3 have this type of small scars on sure areas in their body.

At some stage in the primary pregnancy, 50 to 70% of women word the arrival of stretch marks, regularly at the quit of being pregnant.

At the time of puberty, 25% of ladies again simplest 10% of boys observe the formation of stretch marks.


Prognosis is certainly through staring at the skin. whilst the stretch marks are extreme and related to other signs and symptoms, the doctor will do a workup to check for Cushing's syndrome.


The advent of stretch marks is notion to be hormonal. greater precisely, it might be connected to excessive production of cortisol.

Stretching of the pores and skin associated with elevated manufacturing of cortisol. rapid weight advantage, puberty wherein the body's morphology modifications unexpectedly or pregnancy, can for that reason combine hormonal factors and stretching of the skin.

The software of creams containing corticosteroids or extended use of oral corticosteroids.

Taking anabolic steroids in athletes for the reason of growing muscle tissues, especially bodybuilders1.

Very skinny skin.

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