Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Your Own Dedicated HR Manager


Your Own Dedicated HR Manager

Bambee gives you a dedicated HR Manager who helps you formulate HR policy and understand compliance
Dedicated HR Manager
Not a call center or hotline, your HR manager is for you.
We review your current HR business practices and help uncover hidden risks for your business
Written policies
We will work with you to craft your own internal human resource policies that suit the way you conduct your business.
Store documents and company history on a platform designed to help you avoid mistakes
Unlimited human resource support
Available for help via phone, email, or chat. We considered an extension of your team.
Included when joining Bambee
Internal human resource policies
Train your employees
Good HR practices start at home. We will help train your employees to follow internal policies in your company.
Full remote HR support, available for help via phone, email, or chat. We considered an extension of your team.
How do we keep prices so low?
And keep high quality
Small business focus
We only serve companies with less than 500 employees so that our employees are not spread out too much.
Latest technology
We use the latest data technology to stay informed of business laws and help you avoid mistakes.
Service automation
We invest in automation to increase the accuracy, quality, and efficiency of all HR work that needs to be done.
Our guarantee
All services and business we do are always reviewed by an experienced, trained, certified HR professional at Bambee. All services are included with your flat monthly rate. Do not hide fees or additional fees.
Try Bambi now
Bambee is the HR compliance and termination solution for every business size.

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