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Awesome Minimalist Designs Of Packaging | Packhelp


 Awesome Minimalist Designs Of Packaging | Packhelp

In today's world, any type of excess is seen as comic. If you look at most modern brands - their product designs, packaging, or even communication strategy - they turn to minimalism. Because, as they say, less is more.
The roots of minimalism
In other words, minimalism tends the design to its absolute value, putting it in a state where nothing can be removed. Instead of an explosion of colors like a rainbow, balance and harmony dominate.
Minimalism is also deeply rooted in many cultures and regions of the world. Modern minimalism - mostly in terms of architecture and interior design - is based on a Scandinavian approach. The cool, spacious look, the use of wood, and the matching colors - it all comes from Northern Europe. See the pictures below to see what we mean.
(...) Instead of an explosion of colors like a rainbow, there is a domination of balance and harmony.
Aside from Scandinavian influences, minimalism has "watermarks" to Japanese influences as well. Zen, often associated with balance and calm, has a slightly different meaning in design school. In this case, it is all about simplicity and smart use of space.
Recently, simplicity has gained a lot of importance in packaging design as well.
It doesn't just apply to a specific brand or industry. Instead, it is an idea that can be seen in an increasing number of companies and projects across many industries.
In order to fully show the minimalist trend in packaging design, we have selected some examples to provide a special cross-section for you.
The Paris patent
See Packhelp's offer of cardboard mailboxes.
Nailsgarden is an Argentinian spa studio. Although this isn't a particularly "packaging" studio, it definitely deserves a place here. The designers, who worked with Nailsgarden on the brand identity, found common ground in every area - from the interior to the packaging to ... the branded coffee mugs for guests' convenience. Note that the colors used here are warm, unlike many other minimalist designs.
Jake Boussching wine
Most of us choose our wine bottles based on the appeal of the label. There is no denying that.
Primitive Cyprus
Primitive Cyprus, a producer of olive oil, has maximized the influence of Al-Abyad. The bottle of olive is all white, catching the eye with its snowy shade.
White willow
Subscription boxes provide a great deal of inspiration.
White Willow, a Canadian women's lifestyle brand, is one such resource. The box celebrates a snow-white layer on the cardboard, with a black logo in the center. Plus, the logo design itself brings elegance and refined personality to mind.
An article on minimalism cannot exist without two brands - Apple and Ikea. We decided to be a little less clear and only used one.
IKEA is the ultimate impact when it comes to minimalism. The Swedish company has created a unique visual style across its wide range of products. An example of this is the food product line. Below is an example of their peanut bags, the geometric cuts are nothing short of sparkling.

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