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4 Lunch Specials That Can Help Boost Sales


4 Lunch Specials That Can Help Boost Sales

4 Special lunch offer that can help increase sales
The lunch rush provides a lucrative opportunity for savvy restaurant owners to take advantage of it.
How can you beat the competition and bring these customers to your restaurant for lunch? We've got the following for you to help you pull in crowds: Compelling numbers on why you need to maximize your lunch rush
Using this information, you'll notice a spike in your lunchtime revenue.
If you don't serve lunch in your restaurant, you are losing huge profits. Two-thirds of American professionals spend $ 37 every week eating out for lunch, or nearly $ 2,000 a year. Even if you can only have 30 during your lunch break, that accounts for roughly $ 60,000 in additional revenue per year.
A study by Visa found that people eat lunch outside twice a week on average. Since only 32% of working Americans never eat lunch outside, there's a high chance of getting sponsored by the 68% of clients who do. Don't miss the chance!
Targeting the right audience can help increase your chance of making big money at lunchtime. But to do this, you need to know who you are targeting.
According to a report by Visa, urban professionals, millennials, southerners, and high-income people spend more on food each week than other demographic groups, and so are more likely to be part of the lunch rush.
Here's what you should know about their spending habits and eating preferences in order to create special lunch deals to entice them.
Urban professionals dine out more often than rural and suburban residents. City goers also pay close attention to online restaurant reviews, their website, and the presence of social media before deciding to go to a new restaurant, so pay attention to your digital marketing efforts to attract that audience to your restaurant to enjoy their lunchtime.
Millennials spend an average of $ 44.78 each week on lunch, which is about $ 7 more than their older colleagues. Create high-paying specials or sales opportunities to increase the number of millennial customers.
Americans in the southern states spend $ 200 every year eating out for lunch compared to their counterparts anywhere else around the country. Acceptable temperatures throughout the year make outdoor lunch specials inviting and tempting for Southern diner goers.
Some high-income diners spend as much as $ 9,383 eating out for lunch each year (compared to an average of $ 2,000 annually). Gourmet restaurants can lure these diners with upscale lunch offerings - like prix fixe options - that are quick but pricey.
Now that you know who to see in your restaurant during lunch, it's time to learn how to attract these customers.
4 Best Lunch Specials
Just having great lunch menus isn't enough to attract customers. You should use lunch specials to bring in new customers and keep your regular customers coming back.
Are you ready to turn your restaurant into a lunchtime hotspot? Here are 11 special offers to help you control your lunch rush.
1. Special VIP lunch
Entice lunch-goers with a rewarding loyalty program that motivates them to get used to eating at your restaurant. Give diners a free meal after eating at your restaurant once a week for a month.
How do you implement this special lunch? You can use low tech with a punched card or high tech with a loyalty app.
Why it works: Rewarding customers for their loyalty is a low risk to your restaurant and makes people get in the habit of going to your place to have lunch. The loyalty incentive turns one-off customers into regular customers.
Best for Millennials and urban diner-goers.
2. Special pogo lunch
Offer customers a buy-one-buy-one (BOGO) deal to bring in a friend or co-worker who has never had dinner at your restaurant before. Create an identity verification system to ensure that existing customers don't misuse the offer.
Why it works: Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of marketing. People are more likely to listen to a restaurant recommendation from a friend than to hear an advertisement. This special lunch from BOGO rewards customers for spreading the word about your restaurant to others, and it also brings their friends and co-workers closer to becoming regular.
3. Quick pickup deal
Offer lunch options in a brown bag to clients who need fast food but never bring lunch to work. Create short lunchtime menus with your most famous - and fastest - dishes. Make the customer experience more convenient by setting up Self-Ordering iPad Kiosks.
Why it works: Most workers in the United States spend only 30 minutes on lunch, and restaurants are usually associated with a longer lunch. If you can show that you have quick offers, you will be able to attract busy diners.
4. Special quick lunch
The Quick Lunch Special is the eating version of Idea # Three. Give customers simplified lunch menus - maybe three soups, three salads, and three sandwiches to choose from - while ensuring the food comes out within 10 to 15 minutes.
Offer mobile payment options or payment options on the table so they can check out when they finish their meals instead of waiting for the $ 10 to come

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