Wednesday, January 6, 2021

User Friendly Webinar Platform


User Friendly Webinar Platform


It is a tool that requires little integration efforts, the webinar recording option is excellent, you can create attractive landing pages to register for the webinar in just a couple of minutes, it also provides a lot of information about the audience, I also like that the customer service is so receptive and they have a knowledge base with any material, the live chat capacity they have makes it more productive.

Livestorm is easy to use, the support is very responsive and the analytic system is very helpful.

easy to use for attendees, as well as hosts; works with all integrations that we use; great customer support; comprehensive online Help documents; perfect for interaction with webinar attendees; many features to use your company's CI for communication with attendees. We LOVE LIVE STORM for our learning session

Livestorm is a very useful video communication tool. We use it for different departments and it helps us create online events during this special period. It's pretty easy to use and have lots of functionalities. You can setup a webinar very quick and then it does all the work for you: registration page and confirmation and reminder for the webinar. What is pretty cool is that you can have a replay of the webinar. In case one of the people of the audience had some personal connection problems, this is a great feature !

We use Livestorm exclusively for our webinar : client sessions or marketing promotion sessions.

The webinar participant experience is a key factor for our events. The access with only a simple web browser is priceless.

The co-animation workflow is very easy too. You can easily co-animate a webinar.

The moderation tools and sharing this role during a show is very nice.

The mail automation is also a key factor and very helpfull. You can stay focused on the event and let the technical backstage.

Animation tools (survey, chat) are basics but do the job.

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Communication has always been an important factor for all people and the Livestorm system does it in an optimal way because we can communicate through video conferences, calls, or a simple Chat to be able to offer any type of response to users, clients, or our workgroup the system is very open and works to be able to communicate with the people we need, even family members, I am happy because it has worked for me very well and personally I use to communicate with my workgroup when carrying out a project and working from home, now for me it is much easier and optimal with this s

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