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2021 Jungle Scout Review


2021 Jungle Scout Review

Before we jump into our Jungle Scout review, I wanted to share some basic information. Jungle Scout is an online tool and Google Chrome extension created by Greg Mercer in 2015 to help make Amazon sellers more successful in less time. Before Jungle Scout launched, researching Amazon product products was tedious and time-consuming. Amazon sellers will spend countless hours creating spreadsheets to categorize products that are likely to sell well with unknown variants, and Jungle Scout (JS) has now simplified this process and made it easy, simple, and even fun to find profitable products to sell. You can read more about the JS team and the company here. More on this later in the review, but Jungle Scout also has some of the best customer service reps I've ever tried!

Jungle Scout Web app helps find profitable niches and produces by searching Jungle Scout's huge database of Amazon listings.

The search results look like this: The web app, along with other Jungle Scout features, is offered at 3 different price points, and the author personally uses the 'Suite' version and it was quite enough.

As the needs of Amazon sellers change and grow over time, Jungle Scout makes sure to keep up with speed in providing the right tools that boost selling success.

Any Amazon seller will tell you that having the right keyword (s) on your product listing is critical to getting a large number of sales.

The Academy is a place where you can watch videos and learn how to sell like a pro within the web app. The Academy learns how to use Jungle Scout tools, and learns all the other complexities of selling Amazon that must be done to become a successful Amazon seller.

Is a video created by the author showing how to use the Chrome extension if you prefer to watch rather than read the steps: These are the exact steps the author used to find all of the author's Amazon products, all of which were successful.

 Check out the results and find a product that averages 200+ units per month and has less than 60 reviews.

(Profit of $ 15 per unit, that was $ 150 a day) As the author develops the author's product line, the author will use JS on private author lists where the author can check Jungle Scout's estimates for real numbers.

New Jungle Scout users, the authors have questions about the tools and even general questions about selling on Amazon.

If you find this information helpful, you can use this link to learn more or buy Jungle Scout, the author will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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